Fundraising Tips for the 2023 Fall Fundo

August 3, 2023

Thanks for supporting Old Spokes Home through the 2023 Fall Fundo! This year, we are aiming to raise over $35,000 to support our nonprofit programming and mission through our largest annual fundraising event. To accomplish our goal, the fundraising efforts of our participants are critical; registration fees alone can only get us 40% of the way to our target.

We ask participants to meaningfully move us towards our objective in two ways: 

  • by making additional donations of their own, and
  • by motivating their friends, family, and/or colleagues to contribute.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is powerful, and can quickly multiply the impact of your contributions. Of course for some, asking for money — even just to support your friendly local nonprofit bike shop — can feel awkward and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be that way! Making an ask, if done right, can be easy, natural, and painless. Here are some tips:

  1. Customize your fundraiser page. Let your supporters know that they’re supporting you by making your page your own.
  2. Share on social media. Posting is quick and easy, and can have a wide reach.
    1. Try posting a link to your fundraising page on your Instagram story, in a Facebook post, or on LinkedIn.
    2. Tell your followers why you are riding in the Fall Fundo, and what Old Spokes Home’s work means to you. (Scroll down to see some figures that might help!)
    3. Re-share regularly. A weekly repost will be seen by more viewers and gain traction every time it is shared.
  3. Send an email (or a handful). Email is a great venue for a longer, more personal message.
    1. Keep it personal! Your friends, family, and colleagues will want to know why you’re riding.
    2. Tell them how Old Spokes Home is helping your community. (See below!)
  4. Ask in-person. In-person requests are super effective, and don’t have to be uncomfortable.
    1. Don’t ask right away. Talk first about your excitement for the ride, how Old Spokes Home reflects your values, and the work we are doing in our community.
    2. Ask small. We’re not expecting high-rolling donors — in fact, a patchwork of small-dollar donors is even stronger than a few big contributions. Start by asking for $5, $10, or $20. Whatever feels comfortable and reasonable.
    3. Be prepared to be told “no.” Not everyone will want to contribute, and that’s OK. Accepting a “no” answer with kindness and understanding will diffuse any tension, and may help leave the door open for your prospect to change their mind later.
  5. Leverage your gift. Ask your employer if they offer donation-matching, or check here.

Here are some figures to help you talk about Old Spokes Home’s work:

  • We have given away over 200 kids’ bikes to local youth in 2023 alone.
  • We have sold over 140 subsidized bikes to Everybody Bikes participants in 2023 thus far.
  • The Everybody Bikes program saved participants over $25,000 in 2022, and over $22,000 in 2023 as of August 3.
  • By welcoming local kids into our Community Workshop for over 40 sessions of Youth Shop in 2023, we have made bikes, skills, and knowledge more accessible to youth.
  • Through 25 workshop and clinic sessions, we have helped riders of diverse abilities and backgrounds learn more about how to be empowered and self-sufficient riders.

A reminder about our mission statement: We create access to bikes and the opportunities they provide for our whole community.

We also like to say that we transform communities and improve lives through bike access.


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Our retail shop and Community Workshop are now under the same roof! Come in anytime we're open.

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