Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza

November 22, 2016


Looking for information about the 2017 Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza?

Learn more about this years event and register a child here.




1.) a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits, or

2.) a large amount of something desirable

Every season is the season of giving, but we can’t deny that this time of year conjures a desire to make special gestures.

This fall we ran our first Great Bicycle Harvest and generous people and businesses donated over 150 bikes to us in one month. Now, we will distribute some of those bikes as part of our first ever...

Burlington has one of the highest rates of using bicycles for transportation in the nation, but the cost of purchasing a bicycle is a major obstacle for many families. Our Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza aims to provide children in Burlington and Winooski with a safe refurbished bicycle, new helmets, and basic safety education. Every child deserves the empowerment and health benefits that come from riding a bike.


How can I support the Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza?

Donate. You can sponsor a child’s first bike by making a $50 donation today:



Donate a bike. All bicycles distirbuted through this events are generously donated by community members at our neighborhood bike shop, Old Spokes Home. The Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza is made possible by year-round support from our volunteers and bicycle donors.

Volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering at the Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza, sign up here

Who can get a bicycle?

The Holiday Kids Bike Bonanza is open to all families. Bikes are for children ages 3-8.

All kids bikes are $20 to $100. Children from families that qualify for free or reduced lunch and who do not currently have a bicycle will get a bicycle and helmet at no cost.

How do I register my child so they can get a bike?

Online. Click here to register.

By phone. Call Old Spokes Home during business hours at (802) 863-4475 and a staff person will help you register.

Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm

Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Through your child's school. The following people are teachers and school administrators helping pre-register kids for the event:

  • Champlain Elementary. Heather Fitzgerald,, (802) 864-8477
    • If you would like to get (or offer) a ride to this event, you can email If you need support with with English  or don't have easy email access, please contact English Language teacher, Meghan Warda, at 864-8477
  • Edmunds Elementary. Peggy O'Neil,, (802) 864-8473
  • Sustainability Academy, Suszanne Weishar,, (802) 864-8480
  • If you would like to be a liason at a local elementary school, please email Outreach Director Christine Hill at

What if I cannot transport my child’s bike home after picking one out at the event?

We are offering a bicycle delivery service. Your bike can be dropped off at your home within the week.





331 North Winooski Ave.
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(802) 863-4475


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Saturday: 11am - 5pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: CLOSED




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